swimming pool

Pool Compliance IS DUE!

Fitzpatricks - 27/04/2016

THE DUE DATE HAS ARRIVED ON POOL COMPLIANCE! As of April 29, 2016 any property with a swimming pool or spa must have a valid Compliance Certificate to either rent or sell the property! Whether you’re a vendor or landlord, don’t get stuck – ensure your pool is registered and book a Council Compliance inspection now! For further information, contact your Tenancy Manager or NSW Fair Trading’s …

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Swimming Pool Safety Barrier Compliance

Fitzpatricks - 11/11/2015

From April 29th 2016, all properties with a swimming pool or spa pool in New South Wales require a Certificate of Compliance before they can be sold or leased. It is your responsibility as a pool owner to ensure your pool safety barrier complies with Australian Standards and the Swimming Pools Act 1992. All swimming pools and spas containing more than 30 cm of water must be surrounded …

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pool safety tips

Fitzpatricks - 14/01/2015

Ensure that the pool fence and gate are well maintained. Make sure the gate is closed at all times and never prop it open. Keep objects away from the pool area, so that children cannot use them to reach the gate latch or climb the fence. Ensure that toys or other objects are not left floating in the pool. They are very attractive to small children. …

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swimming pool compliance

Fitzpatricks - 11/12/2014

All properties with a swimming pool or spa pool being sold or leased on or after 29 April 2015 must have a valid certificate of compliance or relevant occupation certificate. Selling a property Before listing a property for sale, a valid certificate of registration and a valid certificate of compliance (or relevant occupation certificate issued within the last three years) must be annexed to the …

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