Presenting Your Home: Styling


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Make your property stand out from the rest


New interior styles and trends for homes are emerging in 2023. Many properties on the market use unique architectural designs, artistic decor, and minimalism as an effective way to stand out. Bold interior design is making its way back this year, with many homes already selling on the market while featuring bold designs with intriguing styling and unique colour palettes.

Pick a colour and see where it takes you. Many vendors have been explorative and discovered some creative designs that compliment the features of their homes. As you can see above, the orange walls are complimented by accented rugs, orange furniture, decorative pieces and wall art. Blue being a complimentary colour to orange, sets a nice contrast within the room, creating a sense of cohesiveness.

11 Quill Avenue, Boorooma, Wagga Wagga (Sold)

This modern, stylish home as you can see above, houses a beautifully contrasted kitchen space, with open plan living. The wood tones and the sleek black cabinets and bench compliment each other perfectly, creating a diverse space, which is softened by the white marble style splash back. With black pendant lights illuminating the bench, and simplistic decor, ties the design together perfectly. This design allows the property to feel more personal and unique, making it stand out from others.

Why stand out?

Expressing personality can be very important for a home. Not only can it express emotion, but it can reflect the potential that a home has. Creating an engaging space and show a home’s individuality. Using bold interior design can help create an exciting atmosphere, using its contrasting colours, textures and patterns. If a home doesn’t use styling, colours and unique features it may be risking blending in with the other houses on the market. Having a home that stands out, creates a higher opportunity for interest, because finding a home with personality and style is high priority.

Having a bold, colourful and vibrant bedroom can have a positive effect on moods and emotion. Having cooler colours like green and blue can promote relaxation, whereas having orange and yellow can create a sense of warmth and welcoming. Each room can have its own purpose and you can explore the different impacts and personalities there is to offer.

Creating a home that is stylish, emotive and bold can be the key to success when selling your home. There are so many homes that can be similar, so creating something fresh and engaging can prove to be a tremendous aid.

Wagga Wagga has proved itself as a hub for creativity within property and we can’t wait to see what more there is to offer. New styles, trends and design opportunities emerge frequently, and there are many ways to dip your toes in the creative waters of interior design, to make your home stand out.