Keeping it Cool…

Fitzpatricks - 18/01/2017

With 2016 the hottest year on record and the scorching summer temperatures predicted to continue, there’s no doubt air-conditioning is an essential. Wagga Wagga is known for its extremes in weather – contrasting very hot summers with freezing cold winters. Year round comfort is an essential thing both buyers and renters are looking for, and it can certainly be a deal breaker, so it helps to have …

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Tenant Screening

Fitzpatricks - 26/11/2015

Taking the time to check and investigate a new tenant application is extremely important.  Not only does it help with matching the right tenant to your property, it helps us reach the decision on whether they can afford to rent a property, and reduces problematic tenants. How do we go about this at Fitzpatricks Real Estate? All applications require the right supporting documentation to demonstrate …

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Tenant Rights & Responsibilities: Quiet Peace and Enjoyment

Fitzpatricks - 19/11/2015

What is quiet peace and enjoyment? Residential Tenancy Agreement states that tenants have the right to quiet enjoyment at the premises they are renting. This means, tenants have the right to live in the property without interruption by the landlord or landlords agent, ensuring the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of the tenants at the property. Having said that, landlords and landlord agents have the right …

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Settling Disputes: What happens if there is a disagreement with the tenant?

Fitzpatricks - 05/11/2015

The tenant’s music upstairs is too loud… the dog won’t stop barking… can we catch up on the rent next week?…when is the stove going to be fixed? We are living in a society where client and customer expectations are a priority. People want things fast and now. Following is a small extract from a popular statement – “I am your tenant” “I am sophisticated, …

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