Suburb Spotlight

Suburb Spotlight: Turvey Park

Fitzpatricks - 20/03/2018

Geographically Wagga’s most central area, Turvey Park is well known for its wide, tree lined streetscapes and old Californian Bungalows in traditional red brick. Officially added to the municipality of Wagga Wagga in 1939, the suburb was named after the property “Turvey Park” established by Thomas Turvey (who died 14 January 1889), a licensee and store owner. A large family vault on the property was moved to …

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Suburb Spotlight: Boorooma

Fitzpatricks - 08/03/2018

Located in the city’s north, neighbouring Estella and Charles Sturt University, Boorooma has seen significant growth over the years. With spectacular views back to Wagga over the Murrumbidgee floodplain and quick easy access to the CBD over the “Gobba” Bridge, Boorooma is proving to be very popular due to its views and easy accessibility. The developing suburb is home to some exciting new parklands, Lineal Park and Explorer park and …

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Suburb Spotlight: Lloyd

Fitzpatricks - 22/08/2017

Set on the south-western extreme of Wagga Wagga, Lloyd is a modern housing development that, whilst established in the late 1990s, is still in it’s adolescence but quickly growing. Nestled at the foot of the Jubilee Hills overlooking Glenfield, Lloyd is bounded on the west by the Holbrook Road and Red Hill Road to the north. Adjacent to the Jubilee Sporting Complex and within a …

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Suburb Spotlight: Ashmont

Fitzpatricks - 30/03/2017

Set on the western side of Wagga Wagga, between semi-rural San Isidore and the industrial and commercial precincts of Central Wagga, Ashmont provides economic living opportunities with good standards of infrastructure and community services. Providing a variety of educational and recreational facilities including a community centre, preschool, primary schools, churches, sporting ovals and parks, Ashmont is also serviced by it’s own shopping complex, with a supermarket, service station, …

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Suburb Spotlight: Tolland

Fitzpatricks - 09/02/2017

Set on the southern side of Wagga, Tolland slopes upwards from Glenfield Road to the border of Willans Hill Reserve. Providing a wide variety of lifestyle options from older modest cottages on its lower flats to palatial residences with spectacular views at its peak, Tolland has something for everyone. Commenced during the 1970s, Tolland homes are well known for providing excellent family housing with the generous …

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Suburb Spotlight: Glenfield Park

Fitzpatricks - 17/11/2016

Situated in the south-western area of Wagga Wagga, Glenfield Park has always been popular with those who appreciate a quiet suburban lifestyle. Locally known as just Glenfield (though not to be confused with the south-western Sydney suburb) is well established after being a strong and rapidly growing residential development thanks to its location and availability of relatively flat, cheap land. It is home to the city’s first Aldi supermarket and the …

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Suburb Spotlight: Kooringal

Fitzpatricks - 22/09/2016

Not to be confused with the locality on the south-west coast of Moreton Island in Queensland that bears the same name, Kooringal is Wagga’s largest inner suburb, comprising over 1500 households. Diversity and personality flourish in Kooringal which has seen over 50 years of building styles and fashions. Enjoying close proximity to community amenities such as supermarkets, schools, sporting grounds and parks, Kooringal is popular …

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Suburb Spotlight: Mount Austin

Fitzpatricks - 11/08/2016

Mount Austin is one of Wagga’s more established suburbs, set between Turvey Park and Tolland and running down from Willan’s Hill Reserve to Glenfield Road. Fitzpatricks Real Estate has been selling houses and land in the suburb since it was established in the 1950s. Former and present Housing NSW residences are a dominant feature of Mount Austin, with the wide range of solid brick, brick veneer, fibro and clad …

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Suburb Spotlight: Central Wagga

Fitzpatricks - 07/04/2016

Boutique coffee shops, the theatre, the cinema, parks, restaurants, shops and nightspots – it’s all on your doorstep in central Wagga Wagga. Comprising an amazing variety of older style homesteads, terraces, modern homes and units, Central Wagga has something for everyone. Wagga’s closely laid out central area provides the ultimate in convenient living in every price range and attracts people of all ages who enjoy …

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Suburb Spotlight: Estella

Fitzpatricks - 11/02/2016

Estella is situated on the elevated northern extreme of Wagga, overlooking the Murrumbidgee River and only five minutes drive to Wagga’s central district. The suburb is relatively new, with development commencing in the 1980s, and the streets named after crop varieties and individuals historically associated with the nearby Agricultural Research Institute. Located directly to the south of Charles Sturt University and to the west of Boorooma, the southern …

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