Service Your Heating for Winter

Fitzpatricks - 02/05/2019

Winter is fast approaching, comes pulling out the trackies and ugg boots (legitimately for warmth, not fashion), hot water bottles and cup-a-soups, and cranking up the heat – it’s time to service your heating system for the cooler months. Through the summer, your heating system may go without being turned on or activated for an extensive period of time, and may result in the need …

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Preventing Mould in your Home

Fitzpatricks - 04/04/2019

With the cooler months ahead comes the annual winter mould attack; through our reliance on the indoors, using heaters which create condensation, drying clothes indoors and a reduction in direct sunlight. What is Mould?Mould is a form of fungus and is primarily spread by airborne spores which will develop and grow on almost any surface providing the following conditions are present;

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Alarming Stats on Smoke Alarms

Fitzpatricks - 05/05/2016

As Channel Seven News reported recently, the green light indicators or pressing the smoke alarm to check its working is not as reliable as you would think – and that years after regulations forced a rush to install smoke alarms, fire fighters say it’s now time to replace them. And with good reason… Research has found that over 40% of smoke alarms inspected in Wagga Wagga are …

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Autumn Gardening Tips

Fitzpatricks - 14/04/2016

Autumn is a great season for spending time out in the garden getting your hands dirty. It’s all about preparing your lawns and garden beds so they’re ready for winter and set to bloom in spring. Here are our tips on what you should be doing in your garden now: Mulch your garden beds Now is an ideal time for mulching, which will improve your …

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Must do Maintenance: Gutter Cleaning

Fitzpatricks - 12/04/2016

It’s officially autumn – while the beautiful turning leaves signify a move to colder weather, they also signal a need to schedule a not-so-pleasurable but essential maintenance task for your home: gutter cleaning. Gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance are an important part of home ownership. Your gutters are the collection system, on the edge of your roof. They are designed to divert water that is running …

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Vacant Property Upkeep

Fitzpatricks - 27/01/2016

Keeping a vacant property well presented and kept to exceptional cleanliness standards particularly through the Summer season, where Wagga’s market shows a dramatic incline in tenant vacation, is extremely beneficial to leasing your property to prospective tenants. When attending an inspection, our leasing consultants ensure that they present the property well – including: Taking in garbage bins Cleaning the mail box of any junk mail/ previous tenant mail …

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Is the Property Safe? What we keep an eye out for!

Fitzpatricks - 03/12/2015

As inevitable as death and taxes, in all rental properties some type of maintenance issue will arise from time to time. Just as you would take care of your own home, you need to ensure that your rental property is kept in good working order. This is not only financially beneficial, as it will ensure the value of your investment is upheld, it is also …

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Urgent Maintenance

Fitzpatricks - 29/10/2015

Our service guaranteeAt Fitzpatricks Real Estate our service guarantee response time to urgent maintenance is four hours. What is considered urgent maintenance? Under the Residential Tenancy Act, urgent maintenance is maintenance that requires same day attention. This can include: burst water pipes blocked or broken lavatory system serious roof leak dangerous electrical fault flooding or serious flood damage serious storm or fire damage failure or break …

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Smoke Alarm Servicing

Fitzpatricks - 08/10/2015

You are aware of the importance of smoke alarm testing by professionals. Were you aware that on vacation, legislation requires the alarm to be checked before a new tenancy? At Fitzpatricks, we suggest servicing by Smoke Alarms Australia (SAA) to meet legislation requirements. If you haven’t already subscribed, now is the time to secure this service. Your Tenancy Manager is not qualified to carry out …

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Smarter Investment Planning & Annual Maintenance

Fitzpatricks - 30/07/2015

With the new financial year here, now is the time to plan for those necessary improvements to help achieve your current rental return, or help to achieve growth.  Modern flooring, new paint, updated heating and cooling, new oven, or even a kitchen or bathroom upgrade will contribute to keeping your property in line with market demands.  Tenants styles have changed and most are looking for …

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