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Presenting Your Home: Styling


A well-presented home is one of the biggest aids you could possibly use when advertising your property. The way your home looks and feels can be the make or break when coming to a successful sale, and good presentation could lead to a potentially higher selling price than anticipated. This is why styling your home or hiring a home stylist is extremely important.

What is styling?

Styling takes an empty home, and makes it feel alive again. By using furniture, ornaments and decor, you can give each space a purpose, and show buyers the potential the home has for their own future. It can emphasise practicality and provide ideas for functionality and layout.

A stylist will take a rooms functionality into account and capitlise on that, utilising light, the purpose of the room; it can create an emotive environment such as: the living room relaxing, the bedroom cozy and comfortable, the kitchen streamlined, open and calm. By using different colour palettes, they can harmonise the household by creating a consistent colour theme and art style.

Why Style your home?

Styling not only boosts your homes appearance for inspections, but also creates a more interesting subject to photograph. Photos of a home is almost always the first step in having a potential buyer to show up.

As long as a home looks appealing, it can intrigue buyers and convince them that the property might be perfect for them. Not only does it show the functionality of the home, but it creates a window of opportunity for both the vendors and buyers.

As you can see, the homes above have been given a unique flair, and now compliment the space. There is a cohesive colour scheme, and it makes the area feel open, airy and welcoming. It really helps potential buyers to be inspired as to how they could use the space.