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Swimming Pool Safety Barrier Compliance


From April 29th 2016, all properties with a swimming pool or spa pool in New South Wales require a Certificate of Compliance before they can be sold or leased. It is your responsibility as a pool owner to ensure your pool safety barrier complies with Australian Standards and the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

All swimming pools and spas containing more than 30 cm of water must be surrounded by a compliant safety barrier.

From April 29th 2016, contracts of sale and residential tenancy agreements for all properties with a swimming pool or spa pool must include a valid Certificate of Compliance.

Statistics from the NSW Building Professionals Board estimates that 95% of swimming pool fences will be non-compliant on first inspection. The minimum time it takes to obtain the certification is six weeks; so if you’re planning on selling or leasing your home you must start the process of obtaining the certificate as soon as possible, as without it you will be unable to sell or lease your property.

This new legislation includes any property with a swimming pool which is on the market before the deadline, as the Compliance Certificate must be attached to the contract of sale.