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Tenant Screening


Taking the time to check and investigate a new tenant application is extremely important.  Not only does it help with matching the right tenant to your property, it helps us reach the decision on whether they can afford to rent a property, and reduces problematic tenants.

How do we go about this at Fitzpatricks Real Estate?

All applications require the right supporting documentation to demonstrate a tenants ability to rent with Fitzpatricks.  Some of the information we collect include:

  • current and/or previous employment history, including pay slips
  • Centrelink statements
  • previous rental history or if applicable, home ownership history
  • current monthly bank statements
  • ID – driver’s licence/passport or proof of age card, to prove tenant identity
  • Medicare or Centrelink card

Once we receive this information we conduct the following checks:

  • TICA check – this National Tenancy database is a good way to check if the tenant applying has any negative rental history, or rental default history
  • Reference checking  – checking the tenants have a good rental history if they have leased with an agent before, with no sign of rental arrears or further breaches of lease
  • Employment checks – to verify the tenant has stable income to pay the rent
  • Check financial stability – to ensure tenants can afford the rent at the property comfortably, with minimal risk of rental arrears

Once our process has been completed, and we are happy with our findings, the application will be put forward to our landlord for consideration. If, after investigation, we find that a tenant is not suited to the property, we share this honestly with the landlord. At Fitzpatricks, if a tenant check is just not right, we don’t take the risk and put them in your property. If you find another agent doesn’t take your tenant application screening seriously, call our office today. We understand the importance of looking after your investment property, as if it were our own.