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Time to Service your Heating System


With the temperatures definitely being on the cool side, you may have been reaching for a blanket or two to get cozy under… Winter is around the corner, which means pulling out the trackies and ugg boots (legitimately for warmth, not fashion), hot water bottles and cup-a-soups, and cranking up the heat – it’s time to service your heating system for the cooler months.

Through the summer, your heating system may go without being turned on or activated for an extensive period of time, and may result in the need for repair, regardless of its age. It is irrelevant what type of heating service you have – it should always be serviced before and after, and in some cases during, the heavily used seasons for health and safety reasons. Failure to properly maintain a heating system can result in illness and at worst, faults or fire.

It is important to identify possible concerns and maintenance early on. By solving any potential issues early, you reduce the chances of having a bigger problem which may eventually result in you having to replace the whole heating system.

Wood heaters

Being a rural area, wood heating in Wagga is quite popular – many will attest that there is nothing cozier than a burning log fire. However, wood heating requires maintenance and cleaning before and after every season to make sure the flue is free from soot build up or any bird nests or other vermin hiding out away from the elements.

Gas heating

Gas heaters need to be inspected by qualified technicians – properly functioning gas appliances are quite efficient and safe, however, malfunctioning units may generate carbon monoxide. If you experience any signs of carbon monoxide poisoning while operating your indoor gas appliance – shortness of breath, nausea, headaches and dizziness, chest pain – you should stop using it until it is serviced by your gas fitter, and open all windows and doors in the area to clear any harmful chemicals from the vicinity.

Reverse cycle heating

Reverse cycle and inverter systems which are used to cool during summer still require a little effort in changing over to run efficiently on the heating cycle – cleaning filters are a must.

Electric heating

Visually inspect cords and plugs of portable electric heaters for any signs of damage – checks by a qualified electrician will ensure faults are properly checked and maintained to avoid electrical fires. Regularly clean surfaces and blow out fans and vents to ensure there is no build up of dust or fibres that can block and damage the heater.

Heating and cooling accounts for approximately 40% of household energy use, so assuming that you are aiming to save funds, getting work done right now to ensure efficiency is definitely your best option. Not following up with this could result in wasted time and money, and may also present a serious health risk. To organise a service, contact your Tenancy Manager today.