tenancy agreement

Tenant Rights & Responsibilities: Quiet Peace and Enjoyment

Fitzpatricks - 19/11/2015

What is quiet peace and enjoyment? Residential Tenancy Agreement states that tenants have the right to quiet enjoyment at the premises they are renting. This means, tenants have the right to live in the property without interruption by the landlord or landlords agent, ensuring the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of the tenants at the property. Having said that, landlords and landlord agents have the right …

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fixed term and periodic tenancy agreements

Fitzpatricks - 27/05/2015

There are two types of tenancy agreements a tenant can enter into. A fixed term agreement and periodic (continuing) tenancy agreement. A fixed term tenancy has a definite commencement date and expiry date.  A periodic (continuing) agreement commences from the expiry date of the fixed term, and has a no expiry date. The preferred type of tenancy is a fixed term agreement where a tenant …

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optimising the return on your investment

Fitzpatricks - 19/03/2015

Our office understands the importance of rental returns on your investment. For this reason we are constantly monitoring the market rent on your behalf. When tenants vacate or a tenancy agreement is renewed, we will carry out a fair market rent review, investigating: Rental prices of similar properties in the neighbouring area Supply and demand of tenants and properties Council rate increases Interest rate increases CPI …

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