Tax Time

Fitzpatricks - 29/06/2017

With tax time upon us, it’s important to understand what you can claim in order to get the full deductions you are entitled to in regards to your investment property. Here is a list of items you can potentially claim as deductions on your tax return:

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Five Depreciation Points Every Investor Should Know

Fitzpatricks - 20/04/2017

Any owner of an income-producing investment property is eligible for significant taxation benefits. Despite this fact, according to the Chief Executive Officer of BMT Tax Depreciation, Bradley Beer, 80 percent of property investors are failing to take advantage of property depreciation and are therefore missing out on thousands of dollars in their pockets. “Property investors often assume they are ineligible or that it is not …

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Negative Gearing – Property & Shares

Fitzpatricks - 16/02/2016

The recent proposal from Labor to restrict negative gearing could reignite property booms – by limiting negative gearing tax benefits to investors who buy new homes and not existing ones, this threatens to send investors buying up existing real estate before the cut-off date. All eyes will be on the outcome of this. So what exactly is “negative gearing”? It is the process of adjusting the …

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negative gearing – property and shares

Fitzpatricks - 25/06/2015

Negative gearing is being debated in the media spotlight at the moment, however it still stands as a legitimate tax reduction positive for property investors. Here’s a run down on the pros and cons of Negative gearing. Negative gearing is the process of adjusting the borrowing on a property so that annually the property operates as a financial loss, which can be used to reduce your …

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property investment and tax

Fitzpatricks - 05/02/2015

There are all sorts of tax implications associated with investing in real estate and for some, tax relief is one of the main reasons we choose to buy residential property. However, while there are tax breaks attached to this type of investment, remember that the best way to build your wealth is to make a profit, not simply to reduce your tax liability. deductible expenses checklist …

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