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risk management

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house_trapIn this day and age, where it seems that suing for compensation has become a national pastime, it is important that steps are taken to minimise your risk.

In order to do this, we are constantly monitoring our Risk Management Procedures to provide the best service to our property owners.

Is your investment safe?

  • Does your property have a swimming pool? Is it adequately fenced and do you have a Council Compliance Certificate to state that it is within regulations?
  • If there are staircases or balconies, are the handrails and railings sturdy?
  • Is the property adequately fenced?
  • Are there locks on all doors and windows?

Are you adequately insured?

  • Does your insurance policy have public liability coverage?
  • Do you know about Landlord Protection Insurance and Landlord Contents Insurance?

One of the most important aspects of property management is providing a thorough maintenance service to our property owners.

By liaising with tenants and landlords, we aim to keep the property well maintained and are able to offer suggestions and advice in order to minimise the risk potential.