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maintaining your sprinklers

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girl_sprinklerWater sprinklers are a critical tool for keeping your garden looking its best. Taking the time to care for and maintain your irrigation system will ensure optimum results with minimum water wastage.

Run the entire sprinkler system, one zone at a time. As you do this, check the following:

Signs of leakage

  • Check for damage to sprinkler heads or piping
  • A damp spot could indicate a broken pipe
  • Repair and replace as needed

Accurate spray patterns

  • Adjust your sprinkler heads so that they water your lawns and gardens and not driveways, roads and footpaths
  • Make sure the path of the spray isn’t blocked by plants or garden ornaments etc
  • Clean clogged nozzles and sprinkler heads

General maintenance of your watering system will enable you to maintain your garden while reducing water wastage.