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keeping your property in good order

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fixing_stepsUnder legislation, it is the responsibility of the landlord to keep residential premises in a reasonable state of repair with consideration to the age of the property and the rent expected.

At Fitzpatrick’s we carry out regular routine inspections to ensure that properties are kept in a safe, well maintained condition.

Some key areas that we look for are:

  • steps must be secure and meet regulations
  • electrical points and wiring must be safe and in good condition
  • balcony rails must be secure
  • carpet must be free from loose threads, ripples or holes
  • driveways are to be adequately lit and free from pot holes

Now is a good time to look at undertaking some of the everyday maintenance items that are reported. If you consider your investment property to be like a small business, it is sensible to budget up to 10% of your income per year for repairs, maintenance and modernising.

Remember a well maintained property will attract a quality tenant.