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Every year we seem to be having more record breaking heat waves which has prompted agents to be aware of their legislative obligations  with respect toman_in_aircon cooling and air-conditioners.

In times of extreme summer heat, air-conditioners are pushed to their full use and constant running exposes weaknesses and problems.

These problems often result in breakdown, and chances are this could happen right when they are needed the most.

To ensure the comfort of your tenant we should be pro-active to reduce the possibility of breakdown in the middle of summer.

Here are some tips:

  1. Evaporative air-conditioners should be serviced before and after the warmer months. Water pumps get old and breakdown and filter pads need replacing, therefore a technician should be servicing the unit as a minimum every 12 months or 6 monthly. Servicing will dramatically reduce any potential issues during a heat wave.
  2. Aged air-conditioner units (refrigerated and evaporative) need to be serviced or reviewed and if necessary, replaced with a new unit.  This should be done at the commencement of summer.
  3. Have a Technician check refrigerated units if they need to be re-gassed or serviced.
  4. If your property becomes vacant during the hotter months ensure you have adequate cooling to suit the property, as this will draw prospective tenants to lease your property.

If you are unsure of the cooling equipment in your rental property, or cannot remember your last cooling service, contact your property manager today to start preparing for the summer months ahead.