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filling cracks in a wallWhat type of tenant do you want to attract to your property? Good quality, clean and tidy tenants are attracted to clean and tidy properties.

Even the best quality property can suffer from minor wear and tear, with dirt and stains gradually accumulating over time. A property that appears a little run down or that could do with a thorough clean after all those years of renting, will generally not appeal to those tenants that take their property care seriously.

Property presentation is important. You may need to consider scheduling a “spruce-up” in between tenancies. This might include some basic maintenance, a coat of paint – particularly in high-wear areas, carpet cleaning, professional cleaning services and garden maintenance. So if your property manager suggests that you consider this type of maintenance or cleaning option,  do think about the benefits it could bring. A small investment that attracts a quality tenant could equate to considerable long-term savings.