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Vacant Property Upkeep


Keeping a vacant property well presented and kept to exceptional cleanliness standards particularly through the Summer season, where Wagga’s market shows a dramatic incline in tenant vacation, is extremely beneficial to leasing your property to prospective tenants.

When attending an inspection, our leasing consultants ensure that they present the property well – including:

  • Taking in garbage bins
  • Cleaning the mail box of any junk mail/ previous tenant mail
  • Ensuring there isn’t any debris or bugs on counter tops or visible throughout the property
  • Checking the floor is clean and presented well

Once an inspection has been conducted, an inspection report is sent to the tenancy manager, informing them of any maintenance required – including overgrown lawns, untidy garden beds, cobwebs, and any cleaning items – which the tenancy manager will then call to discuss and approve.

This is an important factor of the leasing role to ensure that we can attract and secure good prospective tenants for your property.