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Time to Move House? Here’s Some Tips


Just purchased a new home or found a new rental? Now for the task of moving all your furniture and goodies to your new abode!

We thought we would share a few tips that may make this process just a little easier

Take a photo of your electronic device set-up
The photo can then be used as a reference point when you go to set it up again in your new home.

Colour code and label boxes
Have different colours for different rooms in the home so they are easily identified when the boxes start stacking up.

Stock up on toilet rolls
Why? Toilet rolls offer the perfect way to store cables effectively during the move, even label them so you know what each cable come from where.

Wrap draws in plastic cling wrap
Why unpack the draw if you don’t have to, just cling wrap around the whole draw and move the draw and its contents that way.

Box Labelling
Make sure you label the box on the side as well as the top, so no matter what way they are stacked you clearly know what is in them.

Moving house presents an ideal opportunity to de-clutter. Remove or give away anything you don’t use and create less unpacking in the process.

Looking for Storage?
A storage shed may be a good solution for you if you need to store your belongings for a period of time. Follow this link to storage sheds available through Fitzpatricks Commercial or contact our Commercial team on 02 6921 5677.

It’s time to move!
You could save money and move everything yourself, or use the expertise of local removalists, the choice is yours.

Moving tips referenced from Direct Connect March 2018