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First Impressions: Twilight Photography


First impressions count, and this is very true when it comes to selling your property. A great first impression is what can make those hot prospects put an offer straight on the table, or make a prospective buyer, who’s less motivated, much more considered.

More often than not, the first impression a potential buyer gets of a property is via photographs, either in print or online. As a result, the image presented is of utmost importance as it could be the deciding factor between a buyer deciding to inspect your home or not.

At Fitzpatricks, we use twilight photography to help maximise the sale price of your home.

Twilight photos make use of the ambient light at dusk, eliminating the high contrasting light and harsh shadows often seen in the daytime.

To help showcase your home in the best possible light and to stand out in a competitive market, Helen Woodhouse demonstrates the difference twilight photography makes to a property’s appeal in this video:

Here are some examples of homes that have their selling features highlighted with our professional night photographs:

barton_rear_38 barton_entertain_dusk_38
38 Barton Avenue, Lloyd
trevor_kitchen_32 trevor_kitchen_dusk_32
 32 Trevor Street, Turvey Park
depazzi_living_11 depazzi_downstairs_living_dusk_11
 11 Depazzi Place, Lakehaven