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property investment and tax


preparing your property for lease

  • Maximise  “street appeal”: landscape or just tidy up the front garden. Make sure the front of the home is in good condition. Remove any external rubbish, pull down fences if unsightly, pull out dead trees/plants, mow lawns and tidy garden beds.
  • Gutters: have your gutters cleaned, ensuring any dirt, silt, twigs and leaves are removed.
  • Garages and sheds: if these are included on the lease, make sure any items are removed from inside and around garages and sheds. You can leave any items that directly relate to the property, such as spare tiles and paint tins.
  • Windows: should be clean and in good condition with all tracks secure and working. Clean glass, frames, tracks and flyscreens and repair any breakage or holes.
  • Oven: all knobs, trays and racks to be in place, working and cleaned.
  • Cupboards: hinges, knobs and handles need to be working and intact. Shelves to be free of any items and wiped clean.
  • Taps: need to be secure and any leaks fixed e.g. washers replaced where necessary.