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property investment and tax


There are all sorts of tax implications associated with investing in real estate and for some, tax relief is one of the main reasons we choose to buy residential property.

However, while there are tax breaks attached to this type of investment, remember that the best way to build your wealth is to make a profit, not simply to reduce your tax liability.

deductible expenses checklist

  • Interest on a loan used to finance the property
  • Other loan costs such as establishment fees, valuation fees and stamp duty on the mortgage
  • Advertising for tenants
  • Accountant fees
  • Commissions charged for managing the property
  • Council and water rate charges
  • Land Tax
  • Body Corporate fees (unit owners)
  • Gardening expenses
  • Travelling expenses to inspect the property
  • Insurance – building, contents, public liability and mortgage insurance
  • Maintenance and repairs