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Succulent Style! Add Some Green to Your Home


Becoming more and more popular, these easy to care for plants add an interesting pop of colour and can cheer up a dull space. There are plenty of different varieties and even some that flower.

They can be reasonably priced especially when purchasing small plants. Smaller plants are also great to buy so they can adapt to the soil in your own pot or garden and start to thrive! These can often be found at your local nursery, local market stalls or suppliers or Bunnings.

Once the plants get bigger, some succulents are very easy to propagate. It can be as easy as taking a cutting from your existing plant and putting it in it’s own pot until it begins to form it’s own roots. Once the plant is established you can transplant it to it’s new home!

Succulents are great for pots, but will also thrive in gardens (provided they are in the correct spot and are cared for!). They can also make great edging or features in your garden.

If you would like some tips on caring for succulents, check out this article.

Don’t have a green thumb? There are plenty of artificial plants around too! Check out Kmart, Bunnings or your local homeware shops.