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pool safety tips

  • Ensure that the pool fence and gate are well maintained. Make sure the gate is closed at all times and never prop it open.
  • Keep objects away from the pool area, so that children cannot use them to reach the gate latch or climb the fence.
  • Ensure that toys or other objects are not left floating in the pool. They are very attractive to small children.
  • Establish safety rules for the pool area, and strictly enforce them, (such as no running around the pool, no pushing into the water etc.)
  • If you are overheated, overtired, have been drinking alcohol, or have just finished a meal, don’t go swimming.
  • Have children taught water confidence at an early age. Always remain alert when children are near the pool, even if they have been taught how to swim.
  • You must have a comprehensive resuscitation chart displayed near the pool area for reference. Familiarise yourself with the technique and ideally, obtain a first aid certificate through the local St. John’s Ambulance or Red Cross Society.