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Alarming Stats on Smoke Alarms


As Channel Seven News reported recently, the green light indicators or pressing the smoke alarm to check its working is not as reliable as you would think – and that years after regulations forced a rush to install smoke alarms, fire fighters say it’s now time to replace them.

And with good reason…


Research has found that over 40% of smoke alarms inspected in Wagga Wagga are faulty or expired.

At Fitzpatricks Real Estate, we understand the importance of keeping our tenants safe and we have already targeted our rental properties for compliance on this important matter, finalising a large install project to check and replace faulty alarms in our rental properties.

It’s wonderful to report that 90% of our landlords have taken up the option to have their alarms professionally checked annually.  As the results thus far have been frightening, in that a large number of  checked alarms required immediate replacement, we are pleased to be working with Smoke Alarms Australia to make our properties safe and compliant. We now have confidence that our properties are ready for the more hazardous winter months ahead.

If you have opted out of this service and would now like Smoke Alarms Australia to manage your investment property smoke alarms, please contact your tenancy manager who can quickly arrange cover for you for the low annual fee of $89.