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Update Your Benchtop This Season


Nothing freshens your kitchen more than a new kitchen bench top. Whether you are selling your home or simply want to get rid of a bad colour or wear and tear such as burns and marks, now is a good time to get onto it while you relax by the fire while it’s being done. The following suggestions will help you get it right.

If you are unsure about colours, it is a good idea to take your cue from the orange and lime green disasters of the 70’s that we all know dated very fast and remember that neutral colours will always date less.

Granite has been the most popular bench top choice for those that can afford it over the last few years, but its shiny surface is already becoming less fashionable, and it makes a makeover more labour intensive (therefore expensive) as it is too thick to lay over existing benchtops.

These days many homeowners are using plastic and stone composite bench tops and there is a wide variety currently on the market.  The look is natural although the product is still quite expensive. While these particular materials may look great, they generally have limitations when compared to imported marbles of similar cost range, so check out their particular qualities carefully.  Some of these products are known to stain; some cannot have hot pots and pans placed directly on them. Stainless steel, granite and Formica-type bench tops are all cheaper and may be a little more functional and relaxed to use.

Another way to obtain a natural look – and one that can add character over many years of use – is to use a naturally oiled timber bench top which can also be used as a cutting board.

Become inspired by some of the benchtops as seen on our Pinterest: