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Winter Gardening Tips with Paul Gooden


With summer long behind us and the Winter months seeming longer, your thoughts need to be on preparation of your gardens and lawn. As the weather is colder, wetter and the days shorter, your garden will change and need different care given to it in order to keep it looking good. 

Our very own sales agent and avid gardener Paul Gooden has taken the time to share some tips for keeping your garden healthy during the cooler months.

1. Keep It Tidy
Make sure you keep your garden spotless when it starts to turn to autumn. This will help ensure that any extra rain does not cause damage to your plants and bushes.

2. Dig It Up 
To help you with tip number 1, try removing old plants that have died, dead leaves and flowers and dig up any plants that are only supposed to live for 1 season. These are known as annuals. Try to keep the garden at a basic level.

3. Recycle 
This might be a good time to start making your own compost for the coming year. Place all of your cuttings in a compost bin and turn it over regularly in the autumn and winter months. You will then have the perfect addition to your soil next year.

4. Mow Regularly
One of the main things that will suffer in your garden is the lawn. Too much water and not enough sun will turn the best looking lawn to a horrid brown mess. Make sure you mow the grass regularly and remove any moss or weeds.

5. Think of the Spring
Plant your bulbs and plants ready for the spring time. If you plant new things at the beginning of the autumn, there will still be enough time for them to take root before the frost and the cold set in.

6. Bulbs 
Towards the end of March-April is a good time to be buying spring bulbs, daffodils, jonquils, hyacinths and tulips are ready to be planted.


About the author 

Paul, or “PG” as he is known among fellow team members at Fitzpatricks, has an impressive 50 years+ of gardening experience and enjoys displaying his vast knowledge of plant species whenever the chance arises.

When not being a gun gardener and real estate agent, Paul enjoys food. Click here to see Paul’s full bio.