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Tips for Selling in Winter


With the cooler months comes the perception that buyers will ease off and hold out for the Spring months. But this is not the case – buyer activity remains the same no matter what the seasons, it’s the level of available homes that varies.

This means Winter may be the perfect time for you to sell your home due to a decrease in direct competition.

Keep in mind a few of the following tips if you’re looking to sell during the cooler months.

Create warm and cosy spaces
Buyers will love the idea of coming home to a warm and inviting space. Create a space where they can picture themselves unwinding, reading a book or enjoy a hot chocolate.

Let light show the way
Think about the time you are showing your home or having photos taken. A light filled room is more appealing than a cold dark void. Make the most of the hours that your home receives direct sunlight through the windows. Consider twilight photography, the ambient light at dusk along with the lighting in your home creates the perfect atmosphere for photography rather than the dark cloudy days that winter regularly offers.

Make use of table and floor lamps
Continuing on using lighting as a means to create an atmosphere, ensure you use plenty of table and floor lamps to add light to those darker spaces that don’t receive as much light during the cooler months. Make sure you use the correct bulbs – a soft white hue for living spaces and bedrooms, and a warmer hue for the bathroom.

Ensure the home is warm
Buyers will react more positively to a space that is warm – but not too warm. Create a comfortable temperature, it will show buyers that the heating works effectively and gives your home a warm and cosy vibe that will leave buyers with a positive impression of your home.

Be careful of using seasonal décor
It’s nice to have big throws and a stocked wood basket – but think about the future. If your home doesn’t sell right away, you may be stuck in marketing it to a cooler climate or having to pay an additional fee for new photography.

Appeal to peoples senses
Scents can help sell your home, but you have to remember that with the cooler months comes an onslaught of viruses leading to blocked noses and an increase to sensitivity to fragrances. Don’t go overboard with the aromas.

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