How do I know if a pool or spa is compliant?

Fitzpatricks - 21/11/2019

Before you sell your property you will need to make sure your pool/spa is registered with the NSW swimming pool register. You will also need to have a compliance certificate, occupation certificate or certificate of non-compliance. To check if your pool or spa is compliant visit More information can be found here

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Pool Compliance IS DUE!

Fitzpatricks - 27/04/2016

THE DUE DATE HAS ARRIVED ON POOL COMPLIANCE! As of April 29, 2016 any property with a swimming pool or spa must have a valid Compliance Certificate to either rent or sell the property! Whether you’re a vendor or landlord, don’t get stuck – ensure your pool is registered and book a Council Compliance inspection now! For further information, contact your Tenancy Manager or NSW Fair Trading’s …

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