Stepping up on Home Security over the Christmas Period

Fitzpatricks - 05/12/2019

Unfortunately while we are in the mood for giving and receiving, somebody is in the mood for taking. “Taking” is definitely on the home burglar’s mind as he or she views the holiday season through different eyes – eyes that are focused on your home to complete their own shopping list. Christmas is a magical time of year when family and friends come together to celebrate the …

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10 things you never knew about Christmas

Fitzpatricks - 20/12/2018

With Christmas just days away, here are some interesting facts you might not know about the festive season. Christmas pudding was originally a soup made with raisins and wine. Hanging Christmas stockings out originated from the Dutch custom of leaving shoes packed with food for St. Nicholas’s donkeys. He would leave small gifts in return. Boxing Day gets its name from all the money collected in church alms-boxes …

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The Twelve days of Christmas: Interesting Facts about Christmas

Fitzpatricks - 17/12/2015

On the twelfth day of Christmas… one: The “Twelve Days” don’t end on Christmas Day — they begin on it, marking the time of “merry-making” until the Epiphany. The singer’s true love is generously extending his or her gift-giving for nearly two weeks after Christmas Day, which is nothing, given the total number of gifts given in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is 364. Multiply each …

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Christmas Light Safety

Fitzpatricks - 10/12/2015

Decorating your house at Christmas is an exciting time! There are a few things to remember when putting up your lights to make sure you keep yourself, and your house safe. Inspect your old Christmas lights Check if there are any exposed wires or any damage to them before you connect them. While you are looking over them, don’t forget to check that the globes …

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