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Christmas Light Safety


Decorating your house at Christmas is an exciting time!

There are a few things to remember when putting up your lights to make sure you keep yourself, and your house safe.

  • Inspect your old Christmas lights
    Check if there are any exposed wires or any damage to them before you connect them. While you are looking over them, don’t forget to check that the globes are properly fitted, and replace any missing globes with the correct ones.
  • Putting up brand new lights?
    Be sure to read the manufacturers’ safety and installation instructions and follow these carefully in case there are specific instructions.
  • Purchasing new lights?
    It is recommended that you purchase lights which meet Australian safety standards. This information will be visible on the box you are purchasing, and by using these you can make sure the product has approved safety standards.
  • When installing your lights:
    Make sure you position your Christmas lights away from flammable materials such as curtains and sofas, and make sure to keep them away from tinsel and flammable decorations, as excessive heat on these items could cause a fire if left on for a long time.
  • When connecting your lights
    Be sure not to overcrowd power points or use multiple double adaptors, as this can cause a fuse to blow and take out all your hard work decorating. Also make sure that any adaptors are out of reach of small children.
  • When decorating the outside of your house
    Choose lights and light fittings designed for external use. Internal lights may not be waterproof or have the correct fittings needed for the outside weather.

Some other tips…

  • Some properties have overhead powerlines or power poles nearby and it can be tempting to use these to hang decorations off, however this may cause a power outage which affects not only you but your neighbours, and also puts you at risk of fire.
  • When you need to use ladders to help you, make sure they are secure and on flat surfaces. Also make sure you wear nonslip footwear and any other safety equipment recommended.
  • Lastly a reminder to switch off the power before plugging in or pulling out any lights and never leave your lights on unattended. This will also save you on electricity.