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July 2015 Market Wrap – Sales and Commercial


Smarter Investment Planning & Annual Maintenance


With the new financial year here, now is the time to plan for those necessary improvements to help achieve your current rental return, or help to achieve growth.  Modern flooring, new paint, updated heating and cooling, new oven, or even a kitchen or bathroom upgrade will contribute to keeping your property in line with market demands.  Tenants styles have changed and most are looking for modern, fresh homes, with functional heating and cooling convenience.  If your property is becoming out dated, talk to your Tenancy Manager.  It may even be time to update your stock, so call today.

Annual Preventative Maintenance

It is now also time to plan for those annual maintenance items to keep your investment in tip-top condition.  Preventative maintenance should not be overlooked.  We suggest your consider the following over the next 12 month period, and every year thereafter:

  • Smoke Alarms Australia annual subscription
  • Heater and Cooling equipment serviced
  • Annual Termite and Pest Inspection report
  • Gutter and Down Pipe clean-out
  • Pruning of large trees and bushes away from the house line

By authorising annual maintenance, your Tenancy Manager can ensure that these continue to occur each year until cancelled.  To work on a preventative maintenance plan for your property, email or call your Tenancy Manager today.  We are ready for your call.