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Landlord Benefits of Inspect Real Estate


At Fitzpatricks real estate, our tenants have the opportunity to book inspections for your property online in an easy and convenient way through our program Inspect Real Estate.

We would like to give you some information on how inspect real can benefit you as well as us.

Inspect real estate is an automated program we use to book our inspections and monitor statistics for our rental list.  These statistics are useful to both us and yourself as they help identify current market trends.

it allows prospective tenants to book in an inspection of their desired property from the comfort of their own home via the internet. our website provides a variety of days and times for our vacant properties giving people flexibility and options, ensuring we never miss a prospective tenant, and also provides pre booked times for tenanted properties. By having this system, it ensures we are capturing the most people possible and servicing them immediately.

After each inspection is conducted the landlord will be sent an personalised owner report.  This report gives you an immediate update on the progress of how the inspection went and gives you feedback from our prospective tenants on whether they are intending on applying.  It also allows our Leasing Consultant to alert both our landlord and Tenancy Managers of any maintenance that might need doing to help better present your property to our prospective tenants.

From the inspection reports a weekly report is also created to give an overall summery of the previous week, and to keep the landlord updated.  This report is important to help identify market trends and conditions so we as your tenancy managers can deliver the best marketing strategies to help lease your property.