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Stepping up on Home Security over the Christmas Period


Should you list your property before Christmas?


Christmas has slowly crept up and is now coming to the forefront of peoples minds. Home owners often seek advice on if it is best to list their property before Christmas or in the new year.

There are many factors to consider but it depends on the property and your circumstances or deadlines. To help with your decision, here are a few points to help make it a little easier.

  • Potential buyers have more time over Christmas to look at what is available and are ready to make decisions in the new year
  • Buyers looking before Christmas are more committed and wanted to get organised before the new year
  • Private treaty sales are best before Christmas opposed to auctions
  • A vacant property would be suitable for sale before Christmas to try and keep landlords costs down over the holiday period
  • Buyers are always looking for new listings and the holidays are no exception
  • Seasonally, January is a quieter time of buyer activity, with Fitzpatricks securing 13 home sales in January 2019
  • Online marketing makes properties available to view during periods when real estate offices are closed over the holidays
  • Many people make big decisions or new years resolutions after the Christmas break

So if you decide to list now or wait until the new year, Fitzpatricks Real Estate are here to help make the process as smooth as possible. If you wish to discuss the sale of your property with one of our consultants, phone our office on 6921 1555.