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Presentation – What Type of Tenant are you Attracting?


The importance of property presentation to a prospective tenant should not be underestimated as it can determine what type of tenant you attract. Good quality tenants are generally attracted to good quality, clean and tidy homes. A a property that is a little run down won’t appeal to those who take their property care seriously. Presentation is important and it may be a good idea to consider scheduling a ‘spruce up’ in between tenancies to ensure that your investment looks fresh and inviting.

 Five Top Tips on Property Presentation:

1 – Tend to the gardens, mow the lawns and clean the windows, paths, gutters and outside paintwork. These are all things seen from the street, and you don’t want prospective tenants to dismiss the property before getting to the front door.

2 – Repair or replace leaking taps, sticking doors, broken light fittings, loose door handles, rotten floorboards, leaky gutters and torn flyscreens.

3 – If you are thinking about painting, only paint those areas that really need it unless you plan on doing the lot. New paint may only make those areas left unpainted look even shabbier. Use light, neutral colours, as strong colours may not be to the tenant’s taste. If paint is generally in good condition, touch up the scruffy bits.

4 – If your property has a pool, ensure the pool and the surrounds are sparkling clean. You want the prospective tenants to think it is an asset, not a burden. If the filter or the pool needs professional repairs, it is better to do it now rather than putting it off. The repairs are usually tax deductible.

5 –  The kitchen is a focal area in any house and is an important feature. If you are still living in the property, clutter should be cleared from bench space and on top of appliances. Fridges look best without any magnets or pictures and bins are best hidden. Dining areas also present best with a dining table free of clutter and place settings. A simple vase of flowers or some candles in the centre presents well.

Presenting your investment property in the best possible condition not only attracts the better tenant; it also sets an expectation of the standard at which the property should be maintained and cared for once your new tenant moves in.