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As of January 30, 2017, residential tenancy laws came into effect to stipulate that the service of Rental Bonds Online must be offered to new tenants as the first option for lodgement of their bond.

At Fitzpatricks, we have been utilising this system for some time, enjoying the efficiency and time-saving benefits it brings to both parties.

Rental Bonds Online helps tenants, agents and private landlords to lodge and refund bond money easily and securely.
Tenants can now pay their bond direct to NSW Fair Trading using Visa, Mastercard or BPAY and agents or landlords can lodge bonds in minutes, at any time, without having to post lodgement forms. All parties are kept informed through SMS phone notifications and email updates.

Claims for refunds are also submitted online – once submitted the other party can immediately log on to confirm the claim, and the bond money is deposited overnight into the nominated bank accounts.

The service uses strong security measures to protect both parties’ details and access to the service including unique user ID’s and passwords to log on, and security questions and responses that may be used to identify users over the phone. A user’s identity is confirmed through security codes sent to the registered mobile phone number, replacing signatures on paper forms.

Rental Bonds Online makes bond transactions more convenient – see below for a 3-minute introduction to the service:

It is important to note that the Bond Board will continue to receive paper based bond lodgements, for those tenants who haven’t access to a computer and/or the internet. But for those with the technology, the service has greatly improved the bond lodgement process.