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Improve the Value of Your Home for under $1000


6 ways to improve the value of your home for under $1000

  1. First impressions are important
    The external appearance of your home really counts. first impressions are important. You can improve it by painting over old concrete bricks, clay bricks or weatherboard with some of the exciting new colours now available.
  1. Maximise your house’s street appeal
    Landscaping or even just a tidy up of the front garden can make sure the front of you house looks appealing. Remove any external rubbish, pull down fences if unsightly, pull out dead trees/plants, mow lawns, repair ripped fly screens on windows and doors and remove peeling paint. Buy a quality letterbox.
  1. Improve the outlook from the living areas
    Trim trees and bushes or plant trees to block unsightly buildings or roof tops next door.
  1. Freshen up a tired room
    New paint can really freshen up a room. New window furnishings, cushions or a rug can also help add a pop of colour and texture.
  1. Revamp the existing areas
    Your kitchen and bathroom joinery can be given a new lease of life with laminate paint and primer.
  1. Change existing door/cupboard handles
    Different materials and finishes are available to help you match the current style of your home while giving it a lift.