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As your managing agent we have a legal obligation and duty of care to ensure that your property is safe, clean and fit for a tenant to reside in.

Property investing has become serious business. There are great long term profits to be made, however, every investment needs to be nurtured and looked after.

As an investor you should be scheduling the following maintenance at necessary times to ensure that your rental property continually meets the minimum standards.

  • blind cord safety;
  • glass compliance checks for older properties;
  • window safety devices installed for 2+ storey properties
  • trimming of large trees;
  • smoke alarm checks;
  • cleaning of gutters;
  • risk management checks;
  • steps and balcony safety;
  • building checks;
  • pool safety checks;
  • flooring safety.

Risk can be a complex issue that every investor wants to avoid.  As a landlord, your tenant safety should be at the forefront of your mind.  If your tenancy manager reports a fault or maintenance issue at your property and you choose to ignore the request ask yourself these important questions:

  • was the risk foreseeable; and
  • was the risk preventable.

If it was and the item is not rectified you could be held legally liable for any damages caused.  So help you tenancy manager today in keeping your property safe and well maintained for your tenants and future tenants.