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Preparing your Property for Lease in Winter


During the cooler season, there are a number of things you can do to help lease your property with as little vacancy as possible.

Consider turning gas/electricity on during prospective tenant inspections to help create a welcoming atmosphere.

It is important to maintain presentation of the exterior of the property during cooler seasons.  Regularly raking any excess leaves and keeping an eye on the lawn and gardens for any weeds will help lift the appearance.

Winter is generally our wettest season, so if your property is vacant it’s a good idea to clean out gutters and check for any leaks or loose tiles on the roof in preparation for any future wet weather.

When tenants are looking for a property in the cooler months, the number one thing they look at is the current heating in the property. Its important to consider if your property has sufficient heating or if your property might need any additions or upgrades to make it more desirable. It is also important to have the heating system serviced prior to winter, to ensure that everything is working correctly to prevent future maintenance issues once the property is tenanted.

If you have any questions about your property coming up for lease during winter, please contact your tenancy manager for further advice on what we can do to help.