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Building an Energy Efficient Home


With so many of blocks of land being sold and houses starting to be built in Boorooma and Lloyd, we thought we would share some quick energy efficient building tips that you may find useful.

Building an energy efficient home will not only save you money in the long term but it will also have a positive effect on the environment and those around you. Here are some things to think about before you build.


The direction your house faces

Avoid facing your home in a westerly direction in order to minimise sun exposure and therefore keep your home cooler.


Energy Efficient Appliances 

Look for energy star labels on appliances as these have the ability to save you money and energy into the future.



Insulation plays such an important role in effectively reducing your energy consumption and stops you losing valuable heat from your home. Not only will your home be more temperature controlled, you will also save money on electricity meaning more money in your pocket in the long term.


Solar Panels 

The initial dollar outlay for Solar Panels can be quite high but the long term saving and benefits you will reap are worth it. Be sure to employ a registered solar panel company to offer advice and installation.


Double Glazed Windows 

Double glazed windows are another effective option for insulation. They help reduce heat loss from the home, making your home warmer over the winter months. During summer they can also assist in keeping the warmth and heat outside and your cool air-conditioned air inside.


Rainwater Tanks 

If you get the tank, the sky will do the rest! This is a cost effective way to collect water that can be used for toilets or the main source of water for irrigating your lawn and garden.


These are just a few tips, but there is plenty of information online to help you with building your green home.

If you would like more info about building an energy efficient home or implementing some ideas into your existing home head to