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10 tips to trim your mortgage


Here are some easy ways to save money on your mortgage:

  1. Look outside the big four banks for your loan. Negotiate fees, rates and conditions. If you can’t do it yourself, consider hiring an expert.
  2. Try to pay associated loan costs such as application fees, legal costs or home loan insurance costs from your own cash savings rather than adding them to your loan balance and incurring added interest.
  3. Beware low-start or honeymoon-rate offers, where loans start cheap but can end up expensive after the initial period.
  4. Pay your loan off weekly or fortnightly rather than monthly.
  5. Choose a loan with offset or redraw. Put your entire salary into your home loan and use a linked debit card to cover daily expenses.
  6. Put your annual tax return back into your home loan.
  7. If fixing your mortgage rate, make sure you make extra payments off the loan, otherwise you’ll restrict your ability to accelerate reduction of your debt.
  8. Pay off non-tax deductible debt first. If you have an investment property or a loan for shares that are tax deductible, be sure to pay off your home loan first.
  9. Look for a loan that is portable and can be moved to your next home with minimal costs.
  10. Review your loan once a year with an expert. All things change over time and it’s smart to stay on top of things.