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10 home organisation and storage ideas


Looking for some inspiration to get your home organised or create some extra storage? Here’s some great tips to help you get started.

1. Bookshelf Storage
bookshelf storageOld bookshelves can be reused to create great storage units. For smaller items you can buy baskets or storage containers that keep them tidy and make them easily accessible. This idea from bhg.com has mounted numerous bookshelves on the wall.


2. Rolling Storage Basket
DIYRollingCaddyWant storage on the go? Try this rolling storage basket from iheartorganizing.blogspot.com.au. Great for a magazine rack! Simply use an old basket and add a piece of wood and some casters on the bottom for mobility! You can even jazz it up with a spray of paint if you want to add some colour.


3. Stacking Pans
Stacking PansA great way to save space in kitchen cupboards is to stack your pans. This makes them easier to get out and saves you space. This idea is thanks to marthastewart.com.

4. Mudroom Lockers
mudroom lockersTrying to organise your daily items (especially with kids) can be hard to tackle. Custom mudroom shelving can be expensive. This idea from polkadotchair.com repurposes bookshelves to create a user friendly mudroom that can be customised for each family member.

5. Jewellery board
Sick of trying to untangle your jewellery? Why not display it on a pin board like this one created by iheartorganizing.blogspot.com.au. If you have an old corkboard it can easily be dressed up with some fabric and pins to match the styling in your room.

6. Sheet Storage
Sheet StorageHard to find matching sheet sets in your linen closet? Keep the matching sets inside one of the pillow cases. A brilliant idea from marthastewart.com.

7. Lego Cable Holder
Lego HolderGenuis, who wouldn’t love this guy keeping track of your cables. From dorkly.com

8. Fridge Storage
Fridge StorageLoose things at the back of the fridge or just forget about them? This brilliant idea comes from goodbyehousehellohome.com. Use baskets with handles to organise your fridge. You can group foods together so that when you need to make something you can pull the whole basket out. It is also easy to move them around in the fridge.

9. PVC Pipe Shoe Rack
Shoe Pipes1A smart and innovative way of storing your shoes. I have also seen smaller pipe used to store matchbox cars and even for stationery such as pens, pencils and textas. DIY at it’s best from macgyverisms.wonderhowto.com

10. Basket Shelving
Basket Shelf A clever way to use baskets as shelf storage thanks to makinglemonadeblog.com.

Hannah Holt