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Inexpensive Pallet Creations


Who would have thought old pallets would have so many possible uses. Not only do they cost next to nothing, what you can create is only limited to your imagination.

Here are my picks for the top pallet creations you could create for your home.

How easy is this, using 4 pallets and painting them white becomes a base for your bed. Or simply stand them up at the back of your bed to create a funky headboard. This is such a cheap way to transform any bedroom. See how to make one here

1306448496588632 pallet bed pallet bed head

With space becoming limited for so many, vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular and are really on trend at the moment.

pallet veggie stand

Source: Green Garden Blog

This is a great idea, a coffee table on wheels lets you move it around where you like.

pallet planter2

Source: Live Laugh Rowe

 Using pallets as planter boxes is a funky way to add interest to any outdoor space

pallet planter

A pallet book shelf would look great in a kids room. This functional furniture piece costs next to nothing to make. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to make it!

pallet book shelf4 pallet book shelf3 pallet book shelf2

Pallet wall art is really simple to create and it can make a dramatic impact.

pallet wall art pallet art

 If you are a little bit handy and want a challenge, you could create this pallet swing.  As soon as I saw this picture I was totally amazed! How nice would this be on a cool summers evening enjoying a good book or evening drink.

pallet floating bed

Source: The Merry Thought

If you would like to view more inspiring creations visit our “Pallet creation” Pinterest page.

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