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what’s happening with rents?

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It’s a topical question for tenants and landlords alike – What’s happening with rents? Currently renters want to know if they will be able to afford the rent, while investors want to know if they should buy or sell?


June has seen a steady increase in rental properties available as there is quite a bit of movement where renters and 1st home Home Owners are now taking advantage of the affordable price of homes to buy to start or expand their portfolio. The added increase of properties becoming available has increased pressure on current properties available for rent and it is very important for Property Managers to adjust rent prices quickly based on market feedback. It is important to take heed of the pricing advice offered by your property manager as this will help reduce any excess days on market.

If you are a tenant or looking to move into Property Ownership then this may be the right time of the year for you to look at your options, they may be well within your reach!