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10 facts about Wagga Wagga’s residential housing market


water charges rise in wagga

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While the flooding rains of recent years have created a sense of security around water supply, it’s only a matter of time before Australia will cycle back into drought, so water consumption remains an important issue for all of us. As well as an ecological and practical concern, it’s a financial one too: homes and businesses pay for the water they use.

These prices relate to all properties in the Wagga area. Riverina Water have some great water saving tips to help you reduce consumption. Water-saving shower heads and faucets can be surprisingly inexpensive. Look for devices that are suitable for the water pressure in your area – most only work with mains pressure and are not suitable for the older style in-roof, gravity-fed hot water systems. Fittings with flow-restriction valves tend to be an unsatisfactory choice for shower and bathroom use, as they create low-pressure trickle that is not effective for bathing and handwashing. The best choice are those designed to provide a fine streams of aerated water under pressure. When buying new products, look for a high WELS rating.

Riverina Water County Council have increase water tariffs as at 1 July 12. The new prices are:

First 125 kilolitres per quarter             $1.10

Balance per kilolitre per quarter          $1.66

Availability charge per property         $30.00