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Wagga Wagga’s property market on the rise

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With a slow start to the beginning of 2012, things are starting to pick up for Wagga Wagga’s residential and commercial market.

With Spring traditionally being a busy time for real estate, it seems this year is no exception. Fitzpatricks Real Estate and many other real estate agents in Wagga Wagga have  reported a high number of sales over recent months.

Here at Fitzpatricks Real Estate, last week alone, we sold the equivalent of what we usually sell in a month. Our commercial department is also no exception, experiencing their best month since December 2011.

The key to the property market at the moment is the consistency in the volume of sales. The number of sales being recorded each month has continued to grow over the last months.

Adam Drummond, Director of Fitzpatricks Real Estate believes “Low interest rates, confidence in the retail sector and low unemployment rates in the Riverina are some of the things which add up to consumer confidence and people having long-term financial goals.”

There are a number of factors as to why the market is showing sings of strengthening:

  • The end of the first home buyer’s grant on the 30th of September, lead to a serge in activity.
  • Falling interest rates has increases buyer confidence
  • Prices have remained static for some time, allowing the affordability factor to increase.
  • People whilst not spending greatly, still feel confident with their employment prospect/ security and feel confident to upgrade, purchase.
  • Investors are seeking bricks and mortar assets and are now actively seeking alternative investments to their cash ‘security blanket’ philosophy.
  • People’s savings have continued to rise.
  • Confidence in the European countries’ economies has risen.
  • Those who have been looking for a new home get serious in Spring, keen to get settled in before Christmas. The good weather also brings out uncommitted buyers, and walking into your well-presented home might be just what they need to move from ‘just seeing what’s out there’ to ‘mustn’t miss out on this home.

If you are thinking of selling, now is a good time to do it. If you would like to know more information about how Fitzpatricks Real Estate can help you achieve the best result for your home, contact us today on (02)  69211 555, or visit our website to view our complete guide on selling your home.