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The importance of your homes street appeal

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First impressions count when it comes to property. Great street appeal is very important and makes selling your home easier and helps to achieve the best price.

With so many properties on the market you want to make sure your home stands out from the rest. The front of the home sets the tone for the rest of the house, and you want to make sure people want to come inside and have a look. Your property will be judged from the moment potential buyer’s drive up the driveway.

Walk around your property as if you are a potential purchaser, and look at it through the eyes of a potential buyer; be as critical as you can.

Here are some simple tips to help improve the street appeal of your home:

  • clean up around the outside of your home. Ensure everything that is visible from the street is in working order, and put away unused items to make things look less cluttered.
  • prune any shrubs and trees in your front yard to ensure that it doesn’t look overgrown. Use tall plants to frame and accent interesting features of your yard
  • wash the walls and eves to remove any built up dirt
  • consider painting your home, any peeling or damaged areas should be removed and repainted
  • your front lawn is the most important factor in ensuring a pleasing street appeal. A lush, green lawn is inviting and makes your home appear fresh and well cared for
  • small details which are often overlooked can also update the appearance of your home with minimal effort. An attractive mailbox, clean and visible street numbers and a front gate which is in good condition, free of rust or damage are all quick things which will improve the appearance of your home.
  • outdoor lighting is another useful tool, as it will help create a dramatic effect during the evening
  • always try and park your car in the garage to avoid a cluttered view of your home

Spending some time working on the exterior appearance of your home will help ensure potential buyers will want to come inside your house.