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The De-clutter Before You Sell!

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When selling your home first impressions count, so think less is more. Walk through your house as if you were in the shoes of an interested buyer, what catches your eye? What turns you off? Be sure to remove anything that may alter the first impression of your property. Try these tips:

Remove or Limit Bulky Furniture

When someone walks into a room they want to imagine what their furniture will look like in there. Create more space by adding light and airy furniture that makes the room appear bigger.


Hide the Clutter

Don’t leave storage containers lying around, this could give the buyer the impression that there isn’t sufficient storage. Keep your sheds and garages neat and tidy, if you have excess furniture try to find another spot for it during the selling period.


Personal effects

Remove family photos you have up on display and try to keep the home as neutral as possible. The buyer wants to imagine themselves living there. Try replacing them with artwork or eye catching framed prints.


Keep your Cupboards Tidy

Buyers will inevitably look into cupboards and cabinets, keep them neat and tidy. Don’t forget about your pantry too.


Minimise Kids Toys 

We understand how hard it is to keep the rooms tidy when you have small children. During the selling process try to limit the amount of toys the children have to choose from, and have a dedicated spot to return them too, so it makes for easy packing up.



Hide the Pet Accessories 

You may love having animals in the house but your prospective buyer may feel differently. Hide any pet beds, remove all pet hair and be sure to rid the house of pet odours.



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