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The Benefits of Indoor Plants

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Plants not only look great in your home, there are also many health benefits from sprucing up your home or office with a bit of greenery.
Plants can help purify the air. They absorb C02 which allows them to make and emit oxygen, making us feel better and improves our productivity. Plants absorb air pollution therefore improving air quality and produce water vapour; increasing the humidity levels which means less sick days, fewer sore throats and issues with dry skin.
If that wasn’t enough, plants have a ‘feel good’ factor and create a lovely soft finishing touch to any stylish living space.

If you are after an affordable way to create the perfect space in your indoor environment you could try local business Wagga Indoor Plant Hire or head out to Coolamon to the new business specializing in living decor ‘The Sill’.


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Posted by The Sill on Saturday, 30 September 2017