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‘Smart’ Home Upgrades


Innovative technologies have led to automating your home.
Staying connected is important to a new age household and these technologies have made the process all that simpler.

Below is a list of 5 ‘Smart’ home technologies that have become a corner stone to modern living.

  • Security devices and systems. Homeowners are investing in security systems to ensure their property is protected around the clock. This includes surveillance cameras, motion detectors, window and door sensors and locks, and other WiFi connected devices that can be controlled via a smartphone.
  • Comfort. Smart homes make use of easy to control Thermostats that can be turned on and off, scheduled and checked via an App. These help to reduce energy costs and ensure a level of comfort for your arrival home.
  • Smart lighting. Intelligent lighting systems are quickly becoming a norm in today’s households. This includes sensor systems and “smart” lighting which can be controlled via a smartphone, or even via your in home assistant systems such as Google or Alexa. These systems allow for customisation in ambience and light levels with colour changing capabilities.
  • Connected kitchens. Kitchen appliances can even be controlled via WiFi. Fridges with internal cameras and shopping list creation, knock to reveal windows, oven sensors and more all help to aid homeowners in the kitchen.
  • Hands-free. With a wave of your hand, you can now control water flow to a number of faucets in your home. Whether in the shower, sink, or basin, multi-tasking is now a breeze. This is also extended to voice activated control.