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“Semi-Wild Australia” an exhibition by Josh Bett


The “Semi-Wild Australia” opening night is at 6-8pm Saturday the 3rd March at the E3 Art Space (the gallery that can be accessed from the lagoon), in the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery.
Anyone interested will be welcomed.

The exhibition will be open all week from the 3rd – 11th of March, 10am to 4pm Mon-Sat and 10am to 2pm on Sundays. Find out more on Josh’s website

Josh has been working at Fitzpatricks Real Estate for over 14 years in the role of IT Co-ordinator and Photographer.

He enjoys all types of creativity and is a talented photographer who, in his spare time loves to capture nature and wildlife at its finest.

Josh is about to showcase a series of local wildlife photography at his first solo exhibition
“Semi-Wild Australia” held at the E3 Art Space, in the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery from the 3rd – 11th March.

We thought we would ask him a few questions and find out a little bit more about the guy behind the lens.

Did you study photography and IT?
I studied Fine Art and Multimedia at CSU Wagga, graduating in 2004…I think? So I like to say I’m more on the creative side of computers rather than the technical side. But I’m still a proud nerd.

What is involved in your role at Fitzpatricks Real Estate?
My role is fairly diverse, which keeps it interesting. I’m full-time I.T. Support for a team of over 50 members, which has its challenges, luckily in recent years I have had Steve join my team, he is like the new improved model of me, which has to be a good thing. My creative streak is fulfilled by having multiple roles in the marketing department, primarily including the photography of residential properties for sale, various design, website and social media roles. Basically I have a hand in all things digital.

What do you love most about working at Fitzpatricks Real Estate?
The great team environment, it’s a very supportive, professional and fun workplace, always evolving to keep up with the times.

What is your favourite piece of advice anyone has ever told you?
“A rolling stone never gathers moss” is an oldie but a favourite which is often reiterated to me by my 88 year old Grandfather who is still very active and would jump in the car and drive to Queensland at the drop of a hat, mind you he still drives better than most motorists.

You have an exhibition coming up very soon showcasing your wildlife photography. What made you get into wildlife photography and what do you love about it?
There’s no epic story, I just love getting out into nature, it’s where I feel most at peace and I am always in awe of wildlife. I also love art, science and photography, so it’s only natural to combine them all.

Tell us a little bit more about your upcoming exhibition 
“Semi-Wild Australia” is a collection of images that I’ve captured on the fringes of Wagga Wagga, places I term; semi-wild habitats. Countless hours of re-visiting these locations over a three year period gave rise to this collection of images which is an optimistic celebration of life. With focus on not just the wildlife but also their habitats that have been rapidly transformed since European settlement. I hope this collection inspires, reminds and demonstrates the importance of wildlife conservation and the fact that you don’t have to travel to exotic locations to take a photograph or connect with wildlife, it’s all right on our doorstep. Vincent Van Gogh’s words spring to mind:  ‘If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere’.


One final question. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what are the three things you would wish for the most and why?
That’s a hard question. How about something logistical, something necessary, and something desirable. The logical thing would be a survival kit, with all the goodies that Bear Grylls would endorse. Something necessary is my wife; because this answer is going to get me brownie points, plus I wouldn’t want to resort to calling a volley ball “Wilson” for companionship. Something desirable is a hard one, it’s a tossup between, an endless supply of beer, a camera and a solar powered, Spotify connected jukebox…I think the jukebox would be a smart choice and the story about the experience would have to rely upon my words without photographs. If I had all these I probably wouldn’t want to be rescued.

If you get a chance, head down to the exhibition to say hi. Josh plans to be there all week so you can have a chat with the artist himself about his work!

You can follow Josh on Instagram @josh.bett or on Facebook @JoshBettPhotography